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Main Library Print Portal


Northside Print Portal


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Printing Services

All of our libraries have patron computers with Internet, word processing software, and printing capabilities. You can also make copies at the library.

Black and white prints or copies cost $.10 per page, and color prints or copies cost $.50 per page.

If you need to print something from a library computer, such as shipping labels, boarding passes, concert tickets, tax forms, documents from an email, etc., please remember to bring all passwords associated with the accounts you will need to access (Gmail, Yahoo or other email, Amazon, Ticketmaster, etc.). Home computers may save your passwords, but library computers will not.

Some accounts will also require 2-factor authentication on public computers, so bring your phone along in case you need to receive a code via text to access your accounts.

Remote Printing

Remote printing service is offered at our Main and Northside libraries. Simply upload or email your document from home and then visit the library to pay and pick it up.

Read below to learn how to send a print job to the library from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

For assistance with remote printing, call 740-702-4145.  If you have trouble locating files on your device or sending documents to the library, free one-on-one Tech Tutoring sessions are also available by appointment.

Web Portal Printing (recommended)

To upload a document to the Web Portal:

In your browser, enter the URL of the portal you want to use, or simply click the link for the branch you'd like to print to:

In the portal:

  1. Enter your email address.
  2. Browse your phone or computer for the file you would like to print.
  3. Click the printer icon.

The portal will display a job reference number when the printing is complete. Visit the library's reference/computer area and locate the Print Release Station. At the station, enter your email address, pay for the print job with the coin box, and release your documents.

Mobile App Printing

Using the PrinterOn Mobile App for your smartphone or tablet, you can search for and print to all PrinterOn public printing locations. You can locate printers nearby using the GPS feature of your device or do simple keyword searches.

There are apps available for the iOS and Android operating systems.

Email Printing

To print using email printing:

From your email client, send or forward an email with attachment(s) to the email address of the printer:

After accepting the print job, the PrinterOn server replies to your email with an email containing a job reference number. 

Visit the library's reference/computer area and locate the Print Release Station. At the station, enter your email address, pay for the print job with the coin box, and release your documents.


What types of files can be printed?

PrinterOn supports over 100 types of files including:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Adobe PDF
  • OpenOffice
  • Most common image files

View a complete list of supported file formats.

What is the maximum file size I can print?

Several factors can limit the size of the file you can print, including constraints on the size of email attachments. However, the largest file size that PrinterOn will accept is 50MB.

Is my document secure?

PrinterOn’s printing service is designed with security at its core. When submitting your document to PrinterOn your document is protected by a secure SSL internet connection.

PrinterOn does not store your documents once they have been printed. Your document is held only long enough to convert it into printable data and then deleted from our system. Once your document is converted to printable data, it can leverage PrinterOn’s patented secure print data delivery technology, which includes two levels of strong encryption to ensure that your print job cannot be accessed by anyone but yourself.

Why did I receive a message indicating a printer could not be found?

Each PrinterOn enabled printer is provided a unique name used to access the printer. If you receive a message stating that the printer could not be located in the directory, please confirm that the name of the printer is correct and resubmit your job to the printer. If problems persist, contact the library to verify the name of the printer.

How do I print web pages?

If you need to print a web page, we recommend that you visit the library and use one of our patron computers to do so.  Alternatively, you may be able to save the web page as an HTML file and print it using email or the web portal.

Why does my print job appear to print with more or less pages than I expected?

When editing a document with some applications, such as Microsoft Word, your document is formatted and presented to you on the screen based on the paper size configured on your computer for your current printer.

If the paper sizes available on the PrinterOn enabled printer you are using are different from the paper size you created the document with, Microsoft Word will reformat your document to fit on the new paper size. If the paper size is larger, it may use fewer pages and if the paper size is smaller it may use more pages.

Why does my document look different or is missing information when I print it?

In order to help ensure the security of your documents as well as other users, PrinterOn’s printing service disables some features such as Macros in Microsoft Office documents. Macros in documents are sometimes used to perform operations automatically when the document is opened. Unfortunately, Macros have become an increasingly common method of transferring viruses. As a result, PrinterOn does not allow Macros to be run when printing a document.

Why does my document take longer than expected to print and then fails?

PrinterOn is constantly working to improve its service to ensure successful results for every job. In some cases, your document may contain information that cannot be handled by the service. These may include password protected documents or documents that require a user to enter information or confirm a pop-up message when it’s opened. When this occurs, PrinterOn’s Printing Service may take longer than expected to identify the problem and report the failure. If problems persist, ensure that your document is not password protected and does not contain pop-ups.