Beyond Books: Recreational Items

  • Patrons of all ages are welcome to check out Beyond Books items. Children who wish to check out a Beyond Books item must have a parent/guardian name on file.
  • All Beyond Books items check out for 28 days with no renewals, except for WiFi hotspots and Chromebooks, which allow one renewal if there are no other holds pending.
  • Patrons may only check out one Beyond Books item at a time, except for WiFi Hotspots and Chromebooks, which may be checked out simultaneously.
  • Do not return Beyond Books items in library book drops. Please return them to a staff member.

Orion Skyscanner Telescope

Includes: telescope, travel bag, two eyepieces (20mm, 10mm), EZ Finder II aiming device

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Disc Golf Set

Includes: 4 frisbee discs

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Slippery Racer Sled

Includes: Sled

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