Beyond Books: Musical Instruments

CRCPL wants to help you create the soundtrack for your life. With just your library card, you have access to music in a variety of forms:

  • Musical instrument instruction from Grammy-award winning musicians on ArtistWorks, available in the “Extras” section of the Libby app
  • Hours of commercial-free streaming, free song downloads, and customized playlists through Freegal
  • Entire albums waiting to be downloaded via hoopla
  • Musical documentaries galore on Kanopy
  • Audio CDs available for checkout

Now, we want to inspire you to create your own beats! Check out one of the instruments from our Beyond Books lending library and let the creativity flow.

  • Patrons of all ages are welcome to check out Beyond Books items. Children who wish to check out a Beyond Books item must have a parent/guardian name on file.
  • All Beyond Books items check out for 28 days with no renewals, except for WiFi hotspots and Chromebooks, which allow one renewal if there are no other holds pending.
  • Patrons may only check out one Beyond Books item at a time, except for WiFi Hotspots and Chromebooks, which may be checked out simultaneously.
  • Do not return Beyond Books items in library book drops. Please return them to a staff member.

Acoustic Guitar

Includes:  Full-size acoustic guitar, tuner, picks, strap, and case

Place a hold on the Acoustic Guitar

23″ Concert Ukulele

Includes: Ukulele, case, tuner, and strap

Place a hold on the 23″ Concert Ukulele

21″ Soprano Ukulele

Includes: Ukulele, case, tuner, and strap

Place a hold on the 21″ Soprano Ukulele

Child-size Ukulele

Includes: One ukulele, case, and tuner

Place a hold on a Child-size Ukulele

Practice Drum Kit

Includes: 2 drum sticks, drum pad, stand, and case

Place a hold on the Practice Drum Kit

Steel Tongue Drum

Includes: drum, 2 mallets, carrying case

Place a hold on the Steel Tongue Drum

Percussion Set – Tambourine & Bongos

Includes: Tambourine and bongo drums

Place a hold on the Tambourine & Bongo Set

Electronic Keyboard

Includes: Keyboard and keyboard case

Place a hold on the Electronic Keyboard