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Library patrons who wish to borrow a Hotspot must have a library account in good standing. Patrons under the age of 18 who wish to borrow a Hotspot must have a parent/guardian name on file.

The Hotspots run on a cellular mobile network, and connection is not guaranteed in any location.

The loan period is 28 days with 1 renewal, if there are no other holds pending. If the hotspot is not returned by its due date, the device will be deactivated, your library account will be blocked, the device will be considered lost, and you will be charged the full replacement cost of $100.

When checking out the Hotspot, you will receive a Hotspot, case, cord, and instructions. The Hotspot must be returned with all pieces. If the kit is returned with missing pieces, you will be charged for the missing pieces (cord: $10, case: $15).

To check out a WiFi Hotspot, you must adhere to our Mobile Hotspot and Device Lending Agreement:

  • I acknowledge that this device checks out for 28 days with one renewal if there are no other holds pending.
  • I will keep the device in a safe location, away from extreme heat/cold, smoke, pets, or anything else that might cause damage.
  • I will return the device, its components, and the carrying case clean and in good condition.
  • I will return all cords, plugs, and other pieces included in the kit.
  • I will use the device(s) as programmed, and I will not alter any of the device settings.
  • I will inform the library of any problems with the device immediately.

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