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Where are my holds?

You may have noticed that your holds list keeps getting longer and longer. The State Library recently signed a new delivery contract. Hold on (pun intended) while they work out the logistics of moving items around to the 732 public libraries in Ohio. Thanks for your patience. On the plus side, you’ve got a lot to look forward to!

Reclaim Your Independence

by Jenn Slone originally published in the Chillicothe Gazette, July 4, 2021 While I'm celebrating Independence Day this year, I also happen to be asking myself: Just how independent am I, really? I rely on big Agriculture for most of my food and big Tech for most of my entertainment; I pay people to do maintenance on my car and home; I have common household items delivered right to my door; and I let someone read books to me, for goodness' sake. I’m completely useless. Most folks have probably seen that meme online about “What Gives People Feelings of Power.” [...]

Telehealth room now available at Main

By Jenn Slone, Access Team Leader,  Telehealth room at the Main Library Did you know that our meeting rooms are open again? And thank goodness – hundreds of people use our meeting rooms every month.  We’re glad to have you back. CRCPL has added one new room to its arsenal since the pandemic – a telehealth room located in the Main Library, 140 S. Paint St.  This small, semi-private room located in a quiet corner of the computer lab gives patrons a place to connect with their medical provider if they lack internet at home.  We have laptops with webcams [...]

New: Newspaper Archive and ABCmouse

The library is excited to bring you two new resources, free to access online with your library card.  Newspaper Archives is a database of newspapers from all over the world from 1607 to present.  This resource will help you in your genealogy research, as it provides access to over 108 million obituaries; marriage, birth, death, arrest, and divorce records; murder cases; old photographs; family history; and so much more!  To access this database, navigate to our homepage at and click on the Newspaper Archives logo.  You'll need to set up an account with an email address to [...]

The House of Memories

Originally published in the Chillicothe Gazette, June 20, 2021 by Sydney W. Newsome Aristotle wrote that memory is the scribe of the soul. Today, experts say our first memories may have been formed as early as two and a half years old. Those are the building blocks of who we can become. I often reflect on memories of my dad. He’s taught me so much throughout my life, and he changes so much from one memory to the next. My earliest memories of my dad may not seem exciting, but are more than priceless to me. I borrowed one [...]

Hats Off!

by James Hill Originally published in the Chillicothe Gazette, June 6, 2021 If you’ve visited the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, you’ve likely stepped into the low-lit room that houses the Star-Spangled Banner. You also noticed the gaping holes throughout the flag. About 20 percent of it is missing. It’s not because it’s been tattered in battle; it was cut. Georgiana Armistead Appleton, daughter of Lt. Col. George Armistead, the commander of Fort McHenry, took the flag on tour throughout the country in the 1800s for all to see and would often scissor small cloth souvenirs for dignitaries [...]

Ashley, Susan, and Kelsey

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by Henry Holcomb Bennett

Hats off! Along the street there comes A blare of bugles, a ruffle of drums, A flash of color beneath the sky: Hats off! The flag is passing by! Blue and crimson and white it shines, Over the steel-tipped, ordered lines. Hats off! The colors before us fly; But more than the flag is passing by. Sea-fights and land-fights, grim and great, Fought to make and to save the State: Weary marches and sinking ships; Cheers of victory on dying lips; Days of plenty and years of peace; March of a strong land’s swift increase; Equal justice, right and [...]

Changes to service: ArtistWorks and AcornTV

Following the sale of RBDigital Media to Overdrive, access to the ArtistWorks platform is now available in the Ohio Digital Library via the Libby app. To access the ArtistWorks library of musical instrument tutorials: Download the Libby app. Log in to the Ohio Digital Library by selecting "Chillicothe & Ross County Public Library" and entering your library card number and PIN. Click on the Libby face at the bottom center of your app. Click on "The Ohio Digital Library." Click on the new "Extras" section to access the ArtistWorks portal. And don't forget to check out a musical [...]

Getting to Know Your Local Librarians

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