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Thanking Veterans, Serving Veterans

Originally published in The Chillicothe Gazette, November 10, 2019. I flew to Seattle and stayed on base for one last goodbye to my son before his deployment to Afghanistan. Through a few tears and much pride, I hugged him and assured him of our prayers and support. He was finally getting the opportunity to do what he’d been waiting for since he was a young boy, to be a soldier. On the plane back to Ohio I inhaled, and didn’t exhale until about a year later when he came home. There is a rich history of military service [...]

Discovering Discovery Garden

Originally published in the Chillicothe Gazette, October 27, 2019. When my daughter was born, over ten years ago now, I embarked on the adventure of stay-at-home parenthood. I saw myself reading books as my daughter played contently nearby. I’d be meal-prepping, preparing and entertaining in a spotless home that I had ample time to tend to. For anyone who has ever had a child, y’all know that ridiculous bubble popped the moment I arrived home from the hospital. Instead, I was sore, terrified, and attached to another human for the foreseeable future. Of all the unexpected lessons I [...]

Library After Dark

Originally published in the Chillicothe Gazette, October 13, 2019. As fall finally rolls in, the library is preparing for its annual Library After Dark program at Main. On the last Friday in October we will turn the second and third floor of the library into a haunted house…or more specifically this year, a creepy carnival. It takes a lot of work and planning for an event that’s only open for an hour and some people may wonder, why is the library putting on a haunted house, what does that have to do with books or literacy? Just as [...]

Freegal Streaming is Here!

Lots of patrons take advantage of Freegal Music, which is an electronic resource available to any Chillicothe & Ross County Public Library cardholder.  With Freegal, you can download three songs per week, which are yours to keep and do not disappear from your device or need to be returned. Today, local music lovers rejoice!  CRCPL has just picked up Freegal Streaming, which will also allow you to stream five hours of music per day from your phone, tablet, or computer.  You can listen to whole albums and create playlists.  And the best part of Freegal, compared to other [...]

Publishers limit libraries’ ability to provide eBooks

Originally published in The Chillicothe Gazette, September 29, 2019. Library patrons know the value of a sharing economy. Some people may be able to afford a monthly Audible subscription, but most can’t. Libraries harness the power of sharing resources in order to provide access to all and eBooks should be no different. Our library system circulated 55,000 eBooks and eAudiobooks in 2018, but providing patrons with these materials is an uphill battle thanks to a fairly unregulated publisher’s market. The American Library Association and others have taken a stand for libraries and readers. Over the past [...]

Beyond Books

Originally published in the Chillicothe Gazette, September 22, 2019. Chillicothe & Ross County Public Library (CRCPL) has a new branch! Well…ok, it’s technically not a “new” branch, but everything about the redesigned space at the Mount Logan Branch is new. CRCPL has had a presence in the Mount Logan Resource Center since October, 2016. When we first began this adventure, we shared a very small corner in the school’s own library. Despite this, we were so excited to have a presence in the eastside community. Since then, we’ve seen this location morph several times. We’ve gone from our [...]

The Stevenson Collection

Signature and bookplate from the Stevenson collection. We keep finding Burton Stevenson books! They’re tucked into corners and under stairs and in boxes throughout the library. Mr. Stevenson was our long-time librarian (1899-1957) and a prolific editor and writer. In addition to a scholarship endowment for local youth, he left behind an enviable bevy of books. His personal collection of his own titles were gifted to the library, many with his signature in them. For years the library has kept a display cabinet with some of his books and other ephemera (currently in the Annex’s hallway). [...]

September is National Library Card Sign-up Month!

Originally published in the Chillicothe Gazette on August 31, 2019 I'm going to be honest. I have not been a model library card holder. Is it risky to admit just how little I knew about how to use that tiny, curling key card until I started here? Possibly. Have I racked up late fees in the past borrowing movies for my screaming toddler? Absolutely. Have I accidentally spilled a full glass of water on an open book? Unfortunately, yes. Yet, in hopes of helping others, and to honor National Library Card Sign-up Month, I'm getting real. I don't [...]

eBook Embargo

Book publishers are limiting our ability to purchase eBooks and eAudiobooks for you. Several major publishers have recently placed strict metered access and embargoes on libraries purchasing e-content. Macmillan, for example, only allows the entire Ohio Digital Library consortium—that’s over 200 libraries!—to purchase one copy of a new book during the first 8 weeks after it is published. Nearly all publishers have implemented purchasing models which force us to re-purchase eBooks after a period of time or a certain number of checkouts, which is nowhere near comparable to the lifetime of a print book in circulation. The cost [...]

Bookworm Success!

Originally published in the Chillicothe Gazette, August 20, 2019 This summer flew by and we are now into August. That means that another year of the library’s summer reading program, Bookworm, is in the books. This was our 65th Bookworm, and it was a blast. Among the many fun programs we were able to share throughout the county were an inflatable planetarium at Mt. Logan Early Learning Center, Astronaut Training at the Main Library, and visits from the Ohio Wildlife Center at Huntington and Richmond Dale branches. Bookworm would not be possible without the support from our sponsors, [...]

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