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June 2018

Today is my last day at Chillicothe & Ross County Public Library.  Many of you have probably never seen me before, and that’s because for the last 6 years I have been mostly working behind [...]


If you find yourself near Richmond Dale, be sure to stop by the library and say hi to one of the newest librarians. Samantha just started this week!               [...]

May 2018

SEO Books

Our ability to get books from libraries across the state through the Serving Every Ohioan Consortium (SEO) is amazing. The other day I was searching for copies of Aesop’s fables (hopefully you know about the [...]

The National Anthem

Libraries: because even our national anthem ends with a question. Originally 30 feet by 42 feet, "The Star-spangled Banner" is on permanent display at the Smithsonian.         (You just sang [...]

Aesop’s Tables Fundraiser

The assignment:  pick your favorite Aesop's fable and design and paint a picnic table that tells the story. The library chose The Crow and the Pitcher: On a hot day, a thirsty crow found a [...]

Bookish Books

If you write what you know, maybe you read what you know, too? For whatever reason, I’ve been on a spree lately of only reading books about books. Most of them have jumped out at [...]

Getting to know the Mayor

On April 30, Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney held open office hours in the Mt. Logan branch. The librarians, Sarah and Kelsey, took the opportunity to ask him some questions: What books would 12-year old Luke [...]

April 2018

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