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January 2018

How to Pick a Book? Just Ask!

Recently, a friend was telling me about her youngest son (the 3rd of four children) who never seemed very interested in reading. The mom often reads to all four kids at the same time [...]

You have the right to a good book.

What is a Bill of Rights? We’re all familiar with the United States Constitution’s first 10 amendments, guaranteeing a free press, free speech, the right to a jury trial, etc. It’s the credenda of [...]

December 2017

Tom Williamson’s Dedication to Education

This month we say goodbye to our retiring board member, Mr. Thomas Williamson. Tom has volunteered as a valued member of the Library Board of Trustees since June of 2008. His 38-year career as [...]

For Whom the Year Crows

I have a friend who always reads his horoscope a day late just to see if he can glean any meaning from yesterday. I’m not an especially superstitious person, but as we approach the end [...]

Welcome to Our Blog

Stardate: 47634.44  Did I just self-identify as a nerd? If you just checked my date, you probably did too! What is a blog? Literally, it's Web + Blog. Or, because we live in a shorthand [...]

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