Puppy Power

Tye the Listening Dog…and Takeo, too.

You never know what will come out of the library!  The local Chillicothe Movie Makers Club for kids, run by Marcus McKillip, meets regularly in our Main Library Annex during the school year.  Recently, the group made a short film about one of everyone’s favorite local celebrities, Tye the Listening Dog!  We’ve included the video below; here’s an introduction to just what Tye and his owner Marilyn do at our library, written by Youth Services Assistant, Jenny Roberts:

For several years, the library has been privileged to have a special program for beginning and reluctant readers.  If you are in the Northside Branch Library on a Monday, you might see Tye carrying his leash and galloping joyously into the building. His owner, Ms. Gawelek brings Tye or his brother Takeo and shares with us. The dogs sit on their special blanket and listen to our young readers.  Both dogs are licensed therapy dogs and enjoy being with the children.

Each child has a 15-minute time slot with the dog. When a child has visited 15 times, they get a stuffed toy puppy, a certificate of adoption with their name and the name they choose for their new puppy, as well as a picture taken with Tye or Takeo. Some children have adopted three or more puppies!

For information or to register to read to Tye or Takeo, call the library at 740-702-4145.

Some of the puppies up for adoption by reluctant readers.

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