Teacher, Parent & Caregiver Collections:

Teacher’s Collection Request Form

Parent & Caregiver Collection Request Form

Are you a teacher who has a special theme coming up and needs a collection of books or DVDs to support your lesson? Or a parent who has found themselves teaching their children at home during the pandemic? We can help! Just fill out the above form and we’ll do our best to accommodate all requests. Please give us at least 10 days to prepare your collection.

A staff member will call you when your collection is ready for pickup. Collections will be held for seven days past that date.

Failure to pick up a teacher’s collection twice within a year may result in suspension of teacher card privileges for the remainder of the school year.

Teachers’ Cards:

  • Any school educator (K – 12), preschool educator, librarian, daycare instructor or homeschool educator may apply for a teacher’s card.
  • You may check out any materials on a teacher’s card except video games and WiFi Hotspots.
  • Materials checked out on library cards are not subject to overdue fines. However, you will receive notices for overdue items. If more than 10 items are overdue, more items cannot be checked out on the card.
  • Please note, materials that are overdue for an extended period of time may be categorized as lost items. Teachers will be responsible for paying collection fees and/or replacement costs for lost or damaged materials.

Additional Resources:

  • Teachers are encouraged to contact the library with advance notice of upcoming assignments or project requirements so that staff may order additional materials for students to access.
  • We offer library tours, school visits, and parent/teacher education and curriculum materials at our Main and Northside locations.
  • Public access to our Ellison Die Cut Machine is available at the Northside branch library. We do request that you bring your own paper for the Die Cut Machine.

For questions or to apply for a teacher’s card, please contact our Youth Services department at youthservices@crcpl.org or call 740-702-4145.

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