Bookish Bags logoWhat is the Book-ish Bag?

Book-ish Bag is a monthly teen subscription bag that is totally for teens!

Each month you will choose from 2 different YA genres, and we’ll hand select 2 books, just for you.  Each bag will also contain cool stuff like snacks, crafts, and library swag! You’ll need to return the library books, but you get to keep the goodies!

Book-ish Bags are for teens between the ages of 12-18.

You must sign up each month in order to receive a subscription bag.

Before preceding to the Book-ish Bag sign-up form:

I acknowledge that the library will do its best at offering a great subscription bag experience for me, but also understand teen books may contain controversial themes, mature content, and/or profanity.

Sign up for this month’s Book-ish Bag.

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