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2019 Top Video Games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – This war shooter is another reimagining done right with keeping the formula similar but fresh. With a campaign mode that will keep you on edge every second, an array of multiplayer options to play with friends, and a spec ops mode that have challenge missions and survival missions, Call of duty is a thrill no matter how you play it.

Resident Evil 2 – This reimagining of the ps1 classic of the same title improves the game in every aspect from graphics and sound design to gameplay and voice acting. Facing the horrifying creatures with a closer perspective and fantastic graphics, you are likely to be terrified the entire time.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – If you are looking for a difficult game that makes you feel like an awesome ninja while also feeling like you can be destroyed by the lowliest of enemies, then Sekiro is for you. You’re going to have to get good at blocking, dodging, and parrying if you are looking to survive in this new installment from the company that brought us dark souls.

The Outer Worlds – Fly around the galaxy and fight the corporation in this futuristic action rpg and do it however you want to. With brilliant dialogue, fast combat, and an intriguing story, The Outer Worlds lets you take on the corporation however you would like and even includes joining them instead.

Far cry new dawn – New Dawn picks up where far cry 5 left off and adds a new villain to fight and new gameplay elements to keep the far cry formula fresh without changing the genre of the game too much. With a new crafting system added, light base building along with light rpg element, and updated systems such as a modified outpost system and altered player upgrades ( some that make you super human), Far cry new dawn feels fresh while retaining what made the past far cry games fun.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Luigi is back to bust some more ghosts and save his friends once again. With the new poltergust full of problem solving attachments, you will have to take down a colorful cast of bosses as well as solve puzzles to get your friends back.

Code Vein – An anime style post-apocalyptic Dark-Souls clone, Code Vein adds its own touches to the formula to make it stand out. While stamina management and brutal combat are here and work well as well as a decent story to that makes you want to explore and push through the difficulty, Code Vein’s focus on customization in every aspect of the game allows you to truly make it your own especially the character creation screen (I spent an hour there making my character and enjoyed every minute of it).

Astral Chain – An anime style action RPG where you control to characters at once to fight monsters trying to destroy the world. With a futuristic story and fast paced combat you can customize on the fly, Astral Chain is entertaining from beginning to end.

MediEvil – This remake of the classic PS1 game does an HD update well with nice voice acting as well as pretty HD models and textures while keeping the old gameplay style perfectly intact. Each level feels like a light puzzle you have to solve all while fighting monsters to stay alive or as alive as a reanimated skeleton knight can be.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – Sora and crew are back and better than ever with faster gameplay, flashier combat, and a story that continues to mix Disney and Final fantasy together in a way no other crossover has before.

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